Discover the breed of British long-haired cat
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Discover the breed of British long-haired cat

Discover the breed of British long-haired cat

The British long-haired cat, like the short-haired cat, is one of the most popular breeds in homes around the world. Read this post and find out all the reasons. You’ll want one!

To get to know the long-haired British cat:

Size: Medium-large.
Life expectancy: 12-15 years.
Lifestyle: houses, flats, families, quiet life.
Origin of the long-haired British cat

Origin of the long-haired British cat
The long-haired British cat is the result of a cross between a short-haired British cat and a Persian cat. The intention was to restore to the British shorthair characteristics such as robustness and hair density, which after World War II had lost. But they ended up creating a variant of the breed with longer hair. Long haired people are not really officially recognized in the UK, although that is where they come from. However, other associations do consider the long-haired British cat as an official.

Its popularity was such that it was soon decided to start breeding the breed independently.

Characteristics of the long-haired British cat
The long-haired British cat is very muscular, strong and quite large. Although His legs are short, He is very agile and strong.

The head of this cat is large and solid, with small ears, well-developed cheeks, and large round eyes.

Her hair is semi-long, very dense and soft, with a large undercoat. Virtually all colors are supported.

British long-haired cat temperament

The long-haired British cat is unemotional and quite independent, affectionate to her family but distant and suspicious of strangers. He adapts very well to all types of environments and homes, and lives very well with children and other pets, although he does not mind being alone.

It’s not a cat that constantly goes after the owners, but it’s not surly.

Caring for the long-haired British cat

This cat is quite easy to care for, apart from the common care of any cat only highlights the need to brush their hair with some frequency, as having it long will form knots if not combed.

In addition, of course, you will need to take a bath from time to time, but not very often. Doing it once every 6 – 8 weeks is enough.

The health of the long-haired British cat

British long-haired cats do not usually have genetic diseases or health problems, they are quite resistant and very long-lived. Care should be taken with fur balls, as long-haired cats tend to form more; this is avoided by being consistent with brushing.

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