Choosing fish for a cold water aquarium
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Choosing fish for a cold water aquarium

The aquarium is, for many, an ideal way to get started in the world of pets. A controlled and simple way, with the necessary guidelines, to be able to enjoy a small aquatic ecosystem that can be, for example, a perfect starting point for the youngest members of the household to begin to know the responsibility and commitment that comes with having an animal.

Precisely if the target of this first aquarium is a child, it is important to choose the right type of aquarium (we recommend you take a look at this other post on how to choose an aquarium). One that will not only help you get started in aquatics but will also be easy to maintain and accessible to those who are just beginning to familiarise themselves with the world of fish.

Thinking about them, today we want to help you learn how to choose cold water fish for an aquarium. A choice that is due to certain reasons that are also important to know.


Unlike hot-water fish, cold-water fish are much more resistant and require less demanding care. This is mainly because they can live with water at room temperature and do not suffer when there are fluctuations (between 16 and 24 degrees) in temperature.

In addition and also related to this, the cold water fish are the ones who suffer the least with the adaptation to a new aquarium (which may well be the one in our house). To be able to do this correctly, it is ideal to have a pH7 in the water and a temperature of 18 degrees (although it is always ideal to ask but maybe too specific fitting needs when purchasing them). An initial warmth that may oscillate slightly over the course of the day and which, despite not having such a great need for heat, we can still control with a thermometer, (but without the need for a heater).

How to choose fish for a cold water aquarium

Finally, and despite the rustic nature of this type of fish, it is important to take two aspects into account. On the one hand, when choosing cold-water fish it is important to select species that are not belligerent with each other so that they can live together peacefully (and let’s save ourselves a lot of trouble). An important factor for us to have the advice of an expert before making the final choice of our fish.

In the same vein, it will also be important to consider which plants are ideal for our selection of fish. Unlike tropical fish, some cold-water fish tend to eat the plants that are part of the aquarium and this gesture can be harmful to them. Good reason, again, to consult with an aquatics specialist at our centers about which plants are best for our fish.


Contrary to popular belief, cold-water fish deserve nothing less than hot-water fish in terms of beauty and attractiveness. It is possible to enjoy the same intensity of colors and exoticism even if it is not a tropical fish.

Let’s discover some of the most common and, not for that matter, least beautiful.

Choosing fish for a cold water aquarium: Goldfish

He is a descendant of the carp and, despite the apparent prejudice, there are many types of Goldfish although they are usually generalized by their orange character and similarities in appearance. Unlike what is believed and what happens in many homes, the Goldfish needs a good sized aquarium because they require a lot of oxygen (a good reason to avoid the typical round fish tanks). They are not complicated fish in terms of diet and, with proper care, can live between 6 and 8 years. What is important is that they have at least one partner in the aquarium, as they are social fish.

Chinese neon
Choosing fish for a cold water aquarium: Chinese neon

An ideal companion for Goldfish fish. Like the latter, Chinese Neons are social fish, so it is recommended that if you decide to have them in your aquarium, you should consider having at least a group of seven. Striking and cheerful, Chinese Neons are also easy to care for and have low demands on their needs (they can withstand temperatures of between 15 and 20 degrees Celsius). The only precaution we will have to take with them is that they are jumping, so it is recommended that our aquarium has a lid to avoid discomfort.

Choosing fish for a cold water aquarium: Betta Spleens

Despite their tropical character, the Betta Spleens fish adapt perfectly to cold water. Unlike the fish we have seen before, the Betta (also known as “Siamese Fighters”) are aggressive in nature and therefore do not coexist well with other species of fish. If we want to have them in our aquarium, it is important to know that the ideal is to have a male and a female.

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