6 Tips to Make Your Dog Happy in Summer
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6 Tips to Make Your Dog Happy in Summer

Don’t neglect your dog’s happiness this summer! It’s a time when animals have a hard time with heat, so pay attention to these tips to make your dog happy.

having the dog happy in summer

Tips to keep your dog happy in summer
When you finish reading this list, you’ll probably find that it’s very basic, but sometimes we forget! Take good note of all this.

1. Make sure your bed is the right one for you
Normally, we don’t think about changing our dog’s bedding according to the season. However, there are some fabrics that are much less cool than others, which will make your dog feel warm and end up lying on the floor. If you prefer the discomfort of a solid surface to something fluffy, it may be because it’s getting quite hot.

2. Beware of haircuts
It’s normal to think that, in the heat, a good haircut is ideal. But are you sure that will make your dog happy in summer? Watch out hate are breeds of dogs that do need haircuts, but for others, it is not indicated. It is best to consult your vet if this is a good idea depending on your dog’s coat and skin type. And if you do, don’t snuff your pet, because the sun could burn his skin.

3. Caution when taking a walk
Avoid anything that you can go for a walk during the extreme temperatures. Also, even if you don’t go out during hot weather when it’s time for your walk, touch the asphalt with your hand to see how hot it is. Remember, he’s wearing his paws in the open and we don’t want him to burn the pads.

4. Water and more water
When you leave the house with your furry hair, always take water with you to cool down, especially if you’re taking a long walk. Also, at home, always put your water fountain near him with fresh water and if he is in the garden, make sure that there is always a shady area available for him, as well as a drink.

5. Stay alert for heat stress
Having a happy dog is going to make your health perfect. In summer, therefore, you need to monitor your pet’s well-being in the face of any illness they may suffer and any frightening heatstroke, so pay attention to their symptoms and act to save your pet!

6. Travel with your dog
One of the things that makes your dog happy is that you spend time with him. So, this holiday, pack your luggage next to yours and take a trip together!

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